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Palm Reading Astrology Services

  • Palm Reading Astrology Services.
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Aren’t you excited to see what your palm lines reveal about your future? Who wouldn’t? A hand palm reading can tell you a lot about yourself, your future, your life and the lessons it will teach. It’s exciting to find out how fortunate you will be in your career, love, and money. A palmistry consultation is the best way to find out.

You can get a detailed palm reading of male and female from Saraswati Jyotish Kendra to help you predict your future. This is based on your hand lines. Pandit Manoj Vats will give you an accurate and complete analysis of your wisdom and career. You can pay online to get your palm reading report within 48 hours.

Hand Types Based on Quality

Each person has both an active and passive hand. The passive hand is non-dominant, and sees the inherent characteristics of an individual. The active hand, on the other hand, is dominant and leads all the work. It also shows the most significant changes in an individual’s lives. Our palmistry astrologer takes into consideration both active and passive hands.

Your hands can also tell a lot about your personality. This should be considered in terms of the color of the skin and the size, length, shape, and form of each finger.

These are the main groups of hands:

  • Square HandsSquare hands have short fingers and square fingertips. The square hand’s palm is quite large and long. According to the best Indian palmer, such hands are dominant, practical, and influential.
  • Conic HandsThe conic hand has a narrow shape at the fingers. It is long at the tips and smooth at the ends. It is also wide at its base. This palm type is recommended by the best palmists in India as being fleshy, graceful, proportionate, and well-balanced. People with such hands are creative and artistic.
  • Elementary HandsThe skin is rough and the palm lines are distinct in this hand-shaped club with short tips fingers. We believe that such people are hard-working, humble, and down to earth.
  • Spatulate Hands:According to our palmistry astrologer, people with Spatulate hands tend to be confident, lovable, and social. These hands have a square shape with a large thumb and broad base. These hands are wider than they appear, with thick palms and deep lines. 
  • Philosophic HandsPhilosophic hands are long and strong with long fingers. We found that people with these hands are able to read palms and become great philosophers, diplomats, and reclusive.
  • Psychic HandsThese hands are long, thin, and have a narrow palm. They are described by hand reading knowledge holders as imaginative, patient, and idealistic.
  • Mixed hands:Mixed hands have a square palm shape, but the shape of their fingers can vary from one person to the next. We are the best palm readers in India and believe mixed hands are compassionate, adaptable, and are great managers, who can multitask.

The Major Palm Lines

According to hast rekha, there are many types of palm lines. There are four primary types of palm lines. These are the fate, heart, headline and lifeline. The first line may not be visible in all cases.

  • Palmistry Fate Line: It runs vertically from the base to the middle of the palm. It tells you about a person’s financial situation, success and how they are helping others. Career astrology predictions.
  • Palmistry Heart Line: The line that runs horizontally across your palm shows the influence of your heart’s influence on your physical and emotional well-being. This is a key component of your decision-making process.
  • The headline: This line is located between the life and heart lines in the middle of your palm, according to the hand palm reading protocols. This line indicates the state of your brain and mind.
  • Palmistry Life Line: This line is curved between your index finger and thumb at the top of the thumb. This line is often believed to reveal your life span. However, this is a myth. It is a symbol of your life’s success, happiness, and zest.
  • Palmistry Money Line: These are the lines that our hand-reading experts believe are the upright lines under the little fingers and the ring.

Astrology relies on your palm’s clarity, length, depth, and clarity to determine the hand lines. As babies form their fists in the womb, their palm lines become more shaped. The strength of the line will depend on how strong the fist curves. Everything depends on the mental, physical and emotional health of the mother as well as the condition of the fetus. The lines will be more intense if the baby is healthy.

Our palm reading services show that it does not have any bearing on your future. A weak baby with faded lines does not necessarily mean that he/she will live a shorter life. A healthy and long-lived baby can live to 100%. It all depends on the individual’s decision to live.

The Minor Palm Lines

There are a few minor lines in the palms, just like the major ones. These are:

  • Sun Line: Represents the person’s creativity and self-confidence
  • Bracelet Lines Indicates the person’s longevity or prosperity
  • Children Lines: This is how you determine if a person can have a child.
  • Girdle of Venus Showcases the person’s excitement and nervousness
  • Health Line Says about an individual’s overall health
  • The Intuition Line Describes an individual’s intuitive nature and intensity
  • Relationship line: The marriage line palmistry can be used to determine a person’s relationships, affairs, and other details. marriage prediction.
  • Ring of Jupiter Demonstrates leadership qualities of an individual
  • Ring of Apollo A person’s creativity can reveal hints about hindrance
  • Ring of Saturn Indicates a person’s pessimistic nature
  • Simian Line: This is a rare line that appears when the heart and head lines are absent. It can even indicate the merging of both lines. These lines tend to be stubborn in nature.

The Mounts in Your Hand:

Your life is reflected in many mounts. You can see:

  • Mount of Venus The person’s love, passion, and romance.
  • Mount of Jupiter Indicates the achievement and power of a person
  • Mount of Saturn Represents the amount of responsibility and patience that a person has
  • Mount of Sun What determines an individual’s compassion
  • Mount Mercury: Person’s adaptability and flexibility
  • Mount of the Moon Indicate the creative and imaginative nature of a person
  • Mount of Mars Represents the ability to overcome difficulties and confront confrontations

The fascinating field of palmistry is a growing area of study. These lines and mounts are not the only thing that distinguish palmistry from other fields. They also reveal a variety of meanings. This is how it works. Contact us Get the palm reading services you deserve today!


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