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Gomed/ Hessonite

Gomed/ Hessonite

  • Purpose: Gemstone to Gain Blessings from Planet Rahu
  • Good-Excellent Colour / Nearly Loupe Clean / Excellent Luster
  • Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Certification Free Lab Certificate
  • Delivery in India: 2-3 working days
  • Delivery Out of India: : 7-10 working days
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Gomed is a key figure in Hindu Scriptures as well as astrology. It is a stone that Rahu rules. This symbolises inferior meaning. It is also known as the dragon head in western astrology. It is used to defeat the Shani in kundali. It is the lunar node between sun and moon. Gomed enhances personality and lowers self-esteem. It is open to the cosmic phase and can stop the evil spirit from entering because Rahu. It is associated with the Sahasrara chakra, which gives light and a divine spiritual journey path. Gomed can be found in many places that bring positivity and help to life. It brings harmony to your life, especially when it comes to marriage and financial problems. It brings balance and cosmic energy to your life. Gomed assists in achieving a clear view of the world through a positive attitude. This precious stone is found mostly in India and Srilanka. It was used by kings and queens to show power and wealth.


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