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Opal Stone

Opal Stone

  • Purpose: Gemstone to Gain Blessings from Planet Venus
  • Good-Excellent Colour / Nearly Loupe Clean / Excellent Luster
  • Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Certification Free Lab Certificate
  • Delivery in India: 2-3 working days
  • Delivery Out of India: : 7-10 working days
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Opal is the queen of gemstones and is considered one of the most valuable gems. It is strongly associated with Venus in astrology, and is therefore powerful for Libra. It is a powerful energy source and vibrates that can connect to the soul. Opal stone is associated with love, affection, happiness, and joy. Opal stone can help with unfavorable transits in kundali. Opal stone brings beauty, power and financial success. Opal stone creates wealth and a positive environment for the family. It can help you connect to your inner self and make positive changes in your life. It is important that you understand that opal stones are beneficial for personal growth. They have many positive attributes that can bring joy and wealth to your life. It helps you to overcome difficult times and makes your life more enjoyable.

Benefits Opal Stone

  • Opal stone benefits in love, wealth, family, and growth in life.
  • It physically heals the stomach and eye.
  • Opal stone enhances creativity, imagination, and strength in life.
  • The stone is known for its ability to bring stability and love.
  • Opal stone helps in improving the kidney function.
  • Opal stone gives beauty, charm, and financial growth.
  • For those working in legal matters, the stone can be very useful.
  • It gives strength to overcome fears.
  • Opal stone can also be used to heal spine and blood flow problems.
  • The stone gives you the insight to see things in a new way.
  • Opal stone brings positive energy and benefits in self-growth.
  • It gives passion in work and intelligence in the study.
  • Opal rejoices in love and happiness in marriage.
  • It takes out negativity and evils from life.
  • Opal benefits the business by its growth and financial acceptance.
  • It gives experience in different aspects of life.
  • Opal stone benefits inner intuition, it gives a bigger vision in life.
  • Opal gives mental peace and calmness in life.
  • It holds the power to give a vision and strength to work in that direction.
  • Opal is the best to solve any small or big problem of life with calmness and wisdom.


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