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White Sapphire – Safed Pukhraj

White Sapphire – Safed Pukhraj

  • Purpose: Gemstone to Gain Blessings from Planet Venus
  • Good-Excellent Colour / Nearly Loupe Clean / Excellent Luster
  • Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Certification Free Lab Certificate
  • Delivery in India: 2-3 working days
  • Delivery Out of India: : 7-10 working days
  • 100% Safe and Secure

White Sapphire is an attractive, colorless Gemstone. Its appearance is similar to that of a diamond. According to astrology, the stone is called “Safed Pukhraj.” It is a valuable and well-known gemstone. Its looks were a reason it was considered regal. Kings and queens used these stones to make jewellery. The stone’s beautiful outlook is what made it so famous. White Sapphire is a unique gem in gemstones and astrology, despite its many colors. The stone holds the Neptune planet’s place. It brings power, spirituality, and creativity. It has a tremendous power that is difficult to harness. Its unique colorless appearance is a great asset. Although the stone is powerful and valuable, it cannot be easy to handle. White Sapphire holds many benefits, both mentally and physically.

  • White Sapphire increases psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
  • It creates a connection to the Divine realm.
  • Positive energy and a positive outlook are the hallmarks of the stone.
  • It is a good position in the birth charts.
  • White Sapphire can help you achieve your life goals.
  • Because it is located in your horoscope, it has many astrological advantages.
  • The stone is good for removing negative energy and evil spirits.
  • It can help you to have a fresh outlook on life and inspire creativity.
  • It promotes creativity and encourages many creative professionals to pursue their careers.
  • It balances the Sahasrara and crown chakras.
  • White Sapphire helps you to feel connected to the spiritual world. It also gives you clarity when making life decisions.
  • It is a source of immense fame and wealth.
  • White Sapphire can lift moods and reduce depression.
  • It can help with health issues such as the nervous system.
  • White Sapphire inspires courage and hope in every aspect of life
  • It can also help with addiction recovery.

White Sapphire is a powerful Gemstone. It has great power and strength. It is difficult to hold onto the stone’s position, which makes it very strong. If you wear White Sapphire, it is important to seek professional counselling. It should be treated with care and guided by a professional. It can have very detrimental effects on the person and those around it.

We understand the importance of this powerful stone. Before you wear it, we will examine your issues and provide guidance. We deliver quality stones that bring joy to your life. Also, powerful stones like White Sapphire are delivered with the right rituals and protection for your better future.


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