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Budha Yantra Golden Plated

Budha Yantra Golden Plated

  • Purpose: Communication, thoughts, logic and reasoning, observation and analytical skills
  • Symbolises: Mercury
  • GaneshaSpeaks Guarantee: 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra
  • Customized Solutions: Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Astrologers

Budha Yantra Golden Plated, deep etching on the thick sheet. Budha Yantra Yantra is dedicated to Mercury, enhancing communication skills while also enhancing intelligence and knowledge of the wearer- usually those looking for more out life! It helps calm any negative energies caused by malefic within your horoscope like Mars or Saturn but radiate their beneficial powers at you too!.

Why should I buy Budha Yantra Yantra from you?

  1. The right Yantra can help you achieve your goals in life, but only if it is a significant and appropriate match. We at Yantras recommend specific ones for each person’s horoscope so that they don’t have any adverse side effects on their personality or situations.
  2. We guarantee you that our yantras are of high quality and genuine. They’re energized for your energy, along with their installation method and related mantras!
  3. We believe that our extensive knowledge of New Age culture sets us apart in today’s marketplace for individuals who seek this type of spirituality. We’re not just another company trying to make an easy buck off people looking down on them because they want more than just money – we know how important it can be getting your energy right too!

How is your guidance/ product helpful?

  1. Please consult with our expert astrologers and get the right Yantra for yourself.
  2. We take pride in providing only high-quality mantras for those looking into spirituality or simply wanting more peace within themselves.
  3. Our assurance is genuine from start to finish, with no artificial, authentic design through ancient symbolism associated with various planets. We assure maximum benefits when using this particular mantra according to what it means.
  4. In addition to energizing and attuning the Yantra for you, we will also provide clear directions on installation.


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