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Child Birth Problem
Child Birth Problem

Child Birth Problem

  • Astrological birth chart analysis for child birth problem and difficulties in conceiving.
  • Professional Astrologers will help you to get rid of all the problems related to Child Birth.
  • Accurate Prediction based on your horoscope/birth chart.
  • Get Astrology Reading to Take Care Child Birth Problem
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Every couple’s dream after marriage is to give birth and bring new life into the world. They begin planning once the couple is ready to take on the responsibility of a new life in their family. However, not every family is fortunate enough to experience the joys of parenthood or to avoid complications during pregnancy.

Are you haveing Child Birth Problem

Child Birth Problem could happen for various reasons, including difficulty conceiving, baby growth throughout pregnancy, inability to choose the correct time, and so on. There are pregnancy prediction horoscope free who can assist you in resolving these types of difficulties in pregnancy.

After marriage, in a traditional nation like India, having a kid has always been a priority. There was a time when if a woman were unable to conceive soon after marriage, her in-laws would blame her for failing to provide the family with an heir. However, things have altered through time. Educated people nowadays prefer to contact a doctor and get a medical checkup to determine if there are any medical grounds for their inability to conceive. There are instances where doctors reassure the couple that there is nothing biologically or physically wrong with them, yet they are unable to conceive. This is where astrology may assist such couples.

Get Online Astrology Consultation, after analyzing the horoscope of both the man and the woman, there may be either of the couple possibilities:

  1. To see whether it is a case of childlessness.
  2. To see whether it is a case of delay and not denial of childbirth.

If the horoscope predicts a child’s birth, the timing must be determined by both Dasha and the planets’ transits. In all of these circumstances, the man’s horoscope is checked first for the likelihood of having a kid, and then the woman’s horoscope is suspended for the period of conception.

For analyzing a horoscope, One should adopt the following procedure:

  1. Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord from Lagna.
  2. Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord from Moon.
  3. Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord from Jupiter.
  4. Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord from Saptamsha.

Kids are born in the dashas connected with the 5th House of the Lord of the 5th House or of Saptamsha. An distressed 5th house Lord, which can be combust, reversed, and aspected by different retrograde planet, usually a malefic, occurs in the obstacle of child birth.


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