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Janampatri Prediction
Janampatri Prediction

Janampatri Prediction

Janampatri Predictions Based on Date of Birth

Who wouldn’t like to know the secrets of their destiny? This question should not be difficult to answer. Is it possible to find out what your future holds? Your Janam kundali can answer all of your questions about your life.

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Pandit Manoj Vats, a renowned astrologer, helps you to analyse kundalis by time and date of your birth. Don’t delay! Contact us Online janam kundali or janampatri can be made or read online.

Here are some details about your Janampatrika

  • Personalized kundali creation by the date, place, and time of your birth
  • Your janmpatrika will include your Rashi, navamsa and bhava charts.
  • Prediction of land, properties and wealth
  • Predictions for bhava & panchang.
  • For accurate kundali readings for marriage, you can make predictions about love and marital life.
  • Effect of Apahara and Dasa
  • Good times for business and kundali readings for career
  • Remedies for mangal dosha (Kuja dosha), Ketu dosha, and Rahu dosha
  • Based on your kundali analysis, yoga predictions
  • Transit Forecast, together with its effect
  • Questions about janam kundli

What is Janampatri?

Janampatri reports provide in-depth analysis of your personality, temperament, and personality. They also highlight strengths and weaknesses and identify the positive and negative aspects.

Janam Kundali, which is generally a complete chart, helps you to make predictions about your upcoming events. These events could be connected to your career, education, health or love life. Our expert astrologers need to know the exact date, time, and place of your birth in order to provide accurate janampatri predictions. It tells you about the position or disposition of planets and stars during your birth.

An in-depth analysis of many factors is provided by the Janam kundali astrological report. These factors include your personality, strengths, weaknesses, temperament, personality, as well as your characteristics. You will also find all kinds of favorable and negative aspects in the future.

Online Janam Kundali Reading & Making is Important

A Janam kundali of an individual is a general blueprint of their life events. Janam kundali prediction is made by the kundali to help you understand many things about your present, past, and future.

Janam kundali also offers online services. These include:

  • Kundali readings can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can make better choices in your life.
  • Kundali reading is a career option This guide will help you choose the right career or profession to achieve maximum success.
  • Your Janam Kundali will help you to see the future.
  • Kundali reading for Marriage Prediction By Date Of Birth This will help you get your marriage on track.
  • Kundali reading may also help you sort out your business problems, whether it’s bad relationships with colleagues/boss members or unfulfilled promotions.
  • Get a Janam kundali analysis for free. It will give you information about your love, education, and family.

Get Your Janam Kundali Online in Just One Call

You don’t need to travel far to obtain your Janam Kundali predictions. Call us to get your Kundli match predictions from the best astrologer from the house Saraswati Jyotish Kendra. These details will be included in your Janampatrika

  1. Birth details
  2. Chart of Lagna
  3. Chalit Cusp
  4. Rasi Navamsa
  5. Chart by Sudarshan
  6. Favorable Points
  7. 16 Charts
  8. Sade-Sati

Astro chart / Janmapatrika / Janam Kundli containing Yoni, Karana, Gana, Tithi, etc, report about your Lagna, Nakshatra, Day, Date, Tithi, Month, Sade-Sati time, etc.

JanamPatrika, or Janam Kundali, displays a person’s birth graph, which indicates the locations of the stars, planets, and zodiac signs. This is used to create a map of impending events. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s physical appearance and disposition, as well as the strengths and weaknesses, and the positive or negative situations.

Janampatrika’s predictions are based on the date, place, and time of birth. Also known as the date-of-birth astrology,

What is Janampatri?

All of us experience emotional, financial and mental volatility at some point in our lives. The downfalls can be a path to finding solutions.

Janamkundali, a tried and true method that provides the best satisfaction, is one of the most popular. Janamkundali analysis can help you achieve success in your career, education, financial stability, and happy marriage.

Types of Janam Kundali

Janam kundali is a way to depict a person’s entire life. It relates the position and direction of planets at the time of their birth. Kundali analysis is a detailed process that requires information. It also includes the positions of the stars and moons. This determines the course of your life. Janam kundali analysis can be used in Hindi and English to find effective remedies and solutions for the disposition planets, according to Hindu mythology.

Here are the Janam kundalis we offer:

Chart of Lagna

Lagna chart shows an individual’s mentality and earnings. It also shows their relationships with others. The Lagna chart can be used to determine if an individual has been affected by their birth or previous birth.

Chandra Kundali

Chandra kundali is used by our kundali-making astrologers to determine and judge the psychological characteristics of an individual. The sign of humans is generally the moon. This kundali reveals the thinking, memory, consciousness, perception, judgment, and level of thinking of a person.


Astrologers use Navamsa charts to discover the inner workings of a perso​​​​n. This chart helps you to understand yourself and allows you to do a detailed analysis of your partner. This chart can also tell you about your partner.

Chalit Chart

Chalit chart can be quite complex and requires more time to understand. It is a representation of the planets in the house.

Janam Kundali or Janampatri New Born Baby Janampatri by Time and Date

Space, time, and earth all work together to create the opportunity for a child’s arrival in this world. You can gain a deeper insight into the mind and life of your child by using our child birth prediction. This information will help you create a positive and happy environment for your child. We are here to help. Baby name suggestions We provide information about your baby’s janampatri, baby’s nakshatra and janampatri by birth date analysis, as well as a birth chart. We can also provide information about your child’s education, health, and profession. Contact us today for online janampatri services for newborn babies to help you plan the start of your child’s life.

Make your Janam Kundali (Birth Chart) by Our Expert Astrologer (Specialist Kundali Maker Astrologer)

Sometimes, sudden changes in personality can cause mental problems. It can be difficult to find the right door to help us achieve our goals. In such cases, kundali making experts recommend an immediate kundali and astrological chart review. The correct alignments of planets in your house will be reflected in your birth chart.

We offer kundali making and analysis by date, as well as kundali predictions according to date of birth. Our natal chart reading is also included. Our expert astrologers will quickly provide the best solutions and results online by simply providing your exact time, place and date of birth.

Janamkundali: When can you use it?

Astrologers use the Janam Kundali to chart the future. It doesn’t limit itself to certain fields or times. These predictions can be used to predict a wider range of aspects of life. The guidance can be helpful in many areas of life, including the selection of the right partner for a property investment. The predictions can also give you warnings about possible adverse events. This also provides a way to protect oneself. Janampatri covers many phases of your life.

Stages for Kundli Analysis?

We analyze Janam Kundli by:

  • Analyzing Learn how to read the Vedic Astrology Horoscope Reading basics and create your Kundli chart.
  • Synthesizing Multiple interpretations can be made using different horoscope analysis methods to reach any result.
  • Forecasting Any events that might happen in your life.
  • Suggesting Dosha can be removed to enhance the quality of Kundli.

Janampatri or Janam Kundali FAQs

Is Janam Kundali able to bring about changes in my life?

Yes, your Janam kundali based on your birth date will help you know what opportunities and pitfalls are in store for you. This helps you make better decisions that will change your life in positive, glorious ways.

My identity will be protected

We respect and understand the trust that our clients place in us. We believe in keeping all your personal information confidential and secure with us.

Is there a specific time you can contact them?

There is no specific time to call us. For your kundali analysis, you can reach us at any hour. We are available 24*7 to assist you.

What are my options for getting my questions answered?

For the best answers to your questions, provide accurate information about your birthplace, birth date, birth hour, and current occupation. We can be reached by email or phone with any questions and details. In no time, our experts will review your birth chart and provide you with the appropriate answers.

Are these predictions accurate?

Our expert astrologer’s predictions are 100% accurate and guaranteed. It is based on your complete birth chart and planetary transitions, so there is no possibility of making a mistake.

Can Janampatri make a difference in my life?

We believe in taking action and we do not recommend that you leave fate to your own decisions. Janam Kundli solutions and analysis will help you to disprove bad luck and make better decisions.

Do you keep my personal information confidential?

Yes! We will never divulge your private information to the public.


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