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Surya Puja
Surya Puja

Surya Puja

Stay Secured Against Obstacles of Life By Booking Surya Puja
  • Puja Schedule: Within 7 days, According to Muhurta.
  • The scholars and pundits of Saraswati Jyotish Kendra have performed your puja, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems.
  • If you have any query or need further clarification of puja please call:
+91 9911 888 743
ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं हौं स: सूर्याय नम:

Surya Puja is a puja dedicated to Lord Surya in Hinduism. The Sun is the most powerful planet, and it offers divine blessings upon those who perform this ritual. Any adverse effects associated with Sun are neutralized during this ceremony by performing specific rites and mantras invoking blessing from Lord Sun himself! This religious service helps you achieve your goals without any obstacles or hindrances that may inhibit success. The Sun God is considered to be of particular importance in Hinduism.

Why is Surya Puja performed?

The Sun Planet Pooja, or Surya Dev Puja as it is commonly known, can be performed to bless the native with success and happiness. This Puja aims to neutralize Pitra Doshas effects by giving them a divine blessing from Lord Surya himself. Moreover, this ritual helps one attain their goals without many hurdles in life since they are bestowed with high confidence that lets them achieve anything! The Sun is the most powerful planet, so performing this Hindu ritual purifies any negative energy associated with it. You feel happy when you attain what you desire without running into problems or obstacles along the way!

Worshipping the Sun God keeps people in peace, and some even wake up early morning to do Surya Namaskar. They also give water to the Sun as a token of respect. It is believed that he gets satisfied by seeing his followers worship him with love and affection every day, thus bringing about good health into our lives which can be termed as one’s well or wellness.

Life on earth is sustained only by the grace of the Sun God. While describing the rising Sun as the God of knowledge, the sages and sages have described the worship and worship of the Sun as highly beneficial. Worship of the direct deity Surya is considered to be fruitful soon.

Important Information About Surya Puja

  1. Puja Name: Surya Puja,
  2. Puja Purpose: Blessing of Surya Dev,
  3. Duration of Puja: 10-12 Hours with 3 Pandits,
  4. Ideal days for worshipping: According to Auspicious Muhurta, as required,
  5. Activities for Sun Planet Puja: Poorvang Karma, Puja of Lord Surya (as per auspicious Muhurta), Ashtottara Namavali Path, Surya Stotra path, 7000 (Seven Thousand) Chanting of Surya Dev, Homa (Havan) and Prayer of Lord Surya,
  6. Assurance: Saraswati Jyotish Kendra assures you the best Puja, according to shastra.

What will we do?

  1. Once you have reserved the Puja, you will receive a booking confirmation mail.
  2. After Confirmation, we will worship (Ritual) for you, according to Muhurta.
  3. After Puja completion, we will send your siddh Yantra (Free Gift) and Prasadam through courier or by post.
  4. Open the parcel and read our instructions and wear the siddh Yantra.

Benefits Of Sri Sun (Surya) Planet Puja

  1. Beneficial to negate the ill effects of the malefic planet Sun.
  2. As Sun rules the authority & power, thus Bhaskara puja helps one to attain authority, get promotion and rise in career.
  3. Anytime facing issues in education or concentration issues in studies, it is the best solution.
  4. Bhanu puja negates the issues related to health, especially the eye sight or bones.
  5. Removes the Pitra Dosha forming in one’s birth chart.
  6. It is the best solution for those with low confidence or willpower.
  7. It is best to perform this Puja for those wishing to get into the government sector.
  8. It improves the relation with father or fatherly figure and the health of father will also improve by performing it.
  9. It helps one to get respect, reputation and status in society.
  10. It helps one to control anger, aggressiveness and dominative behaviour.

Activities For Surya Dev (Sun Planet) Devotees

  1. Purvang Karma (Ganesh Pujan, MatraPujan, Abhyudaya, Punyawachan, KalashSthapana, Rakshavidhan, Navgrah Puja).
  2. Puja of Lord Surya Dev (as per auspicious muhurta).
  3. Ashtottara Namavali Path, Surya Chalisa path.
  4. 7000 (Seven Thousand) Chanting of Surya Dev.
    Mantra – Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah Suryay Namah (ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं हौं स: सूर्याय नम:).
  5. Homam (Havan).
  6. Lord Surya Prayer and Aarti.


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