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Kundli Matching Gun Milan
Kundli Matching Gun Milan

Kundli Matching Gun Milan

  • Marriage Prediction
  • Gun Milan for Marriage
  • Horoscope Compatibility For Marriage
  • Get success in Marriage by Kundli Milan
  • Find your perfect match with Kundli matching gun
  • Matchmaking services in India, find out the most suitable partner for you through Kundli Milan.
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Kundali matching or Kundli Milan is the Vedic astrology equivalent to horoscope matching in marriage. Saraswati Jyotish Kendra, the Kundli Matching team, can help you find the perfect soul mate.

You can get marriage reports from our online Kundli matchmaking services. Kundli Milan is a comprehensive horoscope match for marriage analysis generic report that our Kundli matching Astrologer can provide.

Our expert astrologers create reports with several factors in mind to ensure the best possible marriage matching. The report includes name matching, Manglik Doshas, and the longevity of partners. Mental peace, Gana Dosha physical compatibility, Nadi Dosha childbirth, financial quotient within the society, etc.

Horoscope Matching for marriage

Astrology Kundli Matching for Marriage very an essential aspect. It can make or break your destiny. Horoscope charts predict whether someone will get married to a perfect life partner, and some astrological combinations mean that a person won’t find a true soulmate.

At the same time, other Planetary positions allow for marriage but only delay its timing (the 7th house). Your marriage horoscope is connected to the 7th house. Consequently, the planet that facilitates your chances of getting married early in life is Venus (Shukra).

You’ll require this auspicious star as one possible factor if you’re looking for a partner who can help facilitate an early wedding! But, of course, all these other planets on this list will also contribute positively to Guru (Jupiter), Budh(Mercury and more importantly- not too many people’s least favorite Vishnu ally Rahu either!

Kundli Matching For Marriage

What is Kundali Matching?

An Indian marriage is regarded as a vital process that unites two souls, holds their hands together, and leads to a happy life. Kundali match by Name is one way to find the right partner for you who matches all 36 guns.

Two ancient methods of Kundli matchmaking are used, known as Kundali Milan or Gun Milan in Hindi. The first is a Kundli match by birth date, while the second is by Name.

What happens if we marry without Kundli Milan

People in Love, or already in a relationship, feel that they don’t require Kundli matching to marry. This is because they feel confident in their ability to get to know each other well. However, while it is true that marriages can survive without being compatible, there are serious concerns about a marriage that doesn’t have proper Janam Kundli Milan. 

Kundli Matching astrology has its meaning. Marriage is more than a union between two people in countries like India. It is also a union of two families looking for a lasting relationship. So matching and making are other essential aspects.

 Janam Kundli’s predictions cover many areas, including in-laws and families, children, seniors, professionals, social status, etc. You can have a significant impact on the individual and the entire family, and many other aspects. Therefore, Kundali matching by date of birth is crucial in ensuring a happy and successful marriage.

What is Gun Milan in Kundli and its benefits?

According to Vedic Astrology, the Astakoota marriage match procedure can be used to perform Kundli matching. The eight guns for the groom and the bride are calculated based on the couple’s birth charts or Kundli.

However, Gun Milan for marriage, or matchmaking by birth date, uses systems to ensure positive outcomes in matchmaking.

The compatibility between these eight gunas is generally indicative of the fate of the marriage. These are the guns:

  • Varna: It compares the Varna or caste of the bride and groom during Kundli Milan to marry. The Varna of the bride must be equal or lower than that which the groom holds. It helps to balance spiritual compatibility between the boy and girl.
  • Vashya Vashya: is an additional guna to consider when matching Lagna kundali. This guna is used to determine an individual’s personality, such as who will be more dominant or controlling.
  • Tara: Our kundali matching astrologer will compare the Tara, or birth star, of the bride to determine the health status of their relationship.
  • Yoni: It is used to indicate mutual Love, intimacy, and sexual compatibility between couples.
  • Graha Maitri: This guna is a measure of the intellectual and mental compatibility between the couple. It can be measured by Graha Maitri when you do Kundli Milan based on the date of birth.
  • Gana: It helps to understand the compatibility between the temperament, behavior, personality, and personality of the boy and girl while matching match online.
  • Bhakoot: The Bhakoot guna is one of the essential gunas. In addition to Lagna kundali matchmaking, this guna can also predict the financial well-being and family welfare state after marriage.
  • Nadi: It is the decisive aspect of marriage when doing a kundali match for marriage. It covers finances, health, and childbirth.

Which guna is very important while matching kundli

Hindu marriage has been advised with a Vedic astrology system to have an accurate and compatible horoscope for the bride and groom. They must match each other accordingly, which will lead them on a path of happiness together as per Hindu tradition.

36 Guns classified into eight categories are known as Kostas. For example, Ashta Kootam Milan is matched based upon Groom & Bride zodiac signs when analyzing compatibility to marry one another. Kundali matching by name is practiced by various communities, such as traditional Hindus from India, where marriages follow specific guidelines.

The minimum Kundli score required for a happy and fulfilling marriage must be between 18 and 24. If the matching score is below 18, it is best to end the marriage.

You can still enjoy your marriage, Talk to Astrologer by phoneIf you have any questions about guns, be sure to ask.

What is the optimal number of Gunas for the best Kundli Matching ?

The Guna Milan score is used to determine the possibility of a happy married life. Ashtakoot Milan relies on Moon charts, Moon signs, or Birth Nakshatras for both the bride and groom. Contact us today to speak with an Indian astrologer and discover how lucky you will be in your marriage. 

These matchmaking scores will help you determine the success of your happy marriage.

Acquired Guna Points Final Prediction of Outcome below 18 is not an excellent idea to get married, and marriage won’t last long. However, for those looking for a perfect match, 25 – 32 points average score is acceptable to get married in most cases assuming both partners have high expectations from their relationship.  

Acquired Guna PointsFinal Prediction of Outcome
Below 18Not a good idea to get married
18-24An average score of the match is acceptable. You can get married
24-32Marriage will succeed with a very high score
32-36Perfect for getting married: Superb match score

Matchmaking is the process of determining compatibility between two people in order to determine if there are any chances of them marrying. Astrologers are experts in helping you to make the right decisions. Marriage is an important event in one’s life. It is important to determine if the couple is compatible before you tie the knot. This will help you to decide if it will be a happy marriage. Our expert astrologer can help you choose the right life partner and guide you in making the right decision. A detailed analysis of the birth charts of men and women will be done to determine if there are any Manglik Doshas or gunas. 

We bring together two families and two people to create marital bliss with the help of astrology matchmaking services. Janam Kundali Matching plays an important part in matchmaking. A successful marriage is only possible when both the boy and the girl gunas match. More gunas match between the couple means more chance of them having a happy, successful marriage. 

Kundali matching is not only about studying the stars and planets of a couple’s birth chart, but also includes studying their Kundli. Online Kundli matching can be done by our astrologer. This will help you to determine various issues like Manglik dosh and matchmaking.

Take a look at our matchmaking services.

  • Verify compatibility between you, your partner
  • Find the best solutions and remedial measures to ensure a happy marriage
  • This tool will help you make the right decisions about your marriage
  • Online consultation with our expert astrologer from the comfort of your home

Kundli Milan for Marriage FAQs

  1. What criteria will be used to determine compatibility between partners?

Compatibility would be determined using different parameters, such as financial stability, longevity, mental compatibility, and childbirth.

2. What is the Kundali Matching report?

Kundali Milan, a part of Vedic Astrology, is used to analyze the astrological charts of a boy and girl in order to determine if they are a good match. This report includes Kundli Milan analysis which provides an analysis of Kundli Milan points: Varan and Vasya, Tara. Gan, Bhakoot, Nadi.

3. What is the best score for a good match?

Each Kundli Milan point has its own meaning and is given a number. Each point is worth 36 points. A score of less than 18 is not considered a good match according to Vedic Astrology.

4. Are Kundli matches important for Love Marriages?

It is vital that Kundli matches are made before you consider arranging or loving marriage. This helps to determine if two people are compatible for marriage. It will ask for details such as birth date, time, and place.

5. Is it necessary to match-match in the case of a second marriage?

It is important to consider horoscope compatibility for marriage, whether it be Love/Arranged or First/Second. This helps you understand your horoscope compatibility, which is crucial to have a happy and peaceful marriage. Even if you are in a second marriage it is important that you check your marriage horoscope according to the date of birth.

6. When will I get married? How will my married life be?

Your natal chart’s key factors like Dasha, Mahadasha, and Bhukti into account when they analyze what may happen between you two based on their predictions. Any issues in the 7th house can affect your 10th house marriage. Late marriage can make you lose the right time to activate your 9th house, the house of fate.


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