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Vastu for Office
Vastu for Office

Vastu for Office

  • Vastu for office to boost your business
  • Get tips to enhance your company’s success with Vastu
  • Get rid of bad energy in the office
  • Boost productivity and profit with Vastu for office
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Vastu Shastra tips for office

To help you with this, we delve into some critical guidelines Vastu for office. Don’t try and follow them all at once, though! Just make sure your office maintains cash flow, business stability, it is believed that Vastu can play a role in everything one does while working. Attracting good luck or financial prosperity depending on what they choose; if followed correctly, will also bring holistic well-being, which has been proven by studies done over time overseas and in India where these practices originated.

Best Vastu For Offices

Vastu for office is essentially constructed to get over-all success and good profit thereby maintaining controlling staff properly. Vastu complaint office positively renders everything keeping the flow of wealth in a good position and helping make a business successful. We often see people sometimes venturing into business without consulting regarding plot and direction important for every business. Vastu office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and cheerful, and clears the obstacle coming in the company.

Vastu tips for seating arrangement

  • Department-wise seating arrangement
  • Business people should sit facing the North, east, or northeast, as these directions are said to encourage growth and new beginnings.
  • People who are in marketing or sales should face the northeast direction to ensure proactiveness. They can also sit in a northwest area.
  • Account department officials should sit in the south-eastern corner and should face the north-east direction.
  • Seating arrangement for managers and owners
  • People in leadership roles should have a cabin in the west direction and face the north-east direction.
  • Business owners should sit facing the east or north directions. Also, there should be a solid wall behind the seat and not a wooden divider or curtain.
  • This is because you want your employees to be as productive and creative in working for the company. Sitting them away from distractions will allow them to focus much more accessible on what needs doing, which helps improve decision-making skills! Office buildings with southwest or south-facing windows close by so they’re not constantly confronted with other people around when trying to make their decisions instead of being isolated all day long.

Vastu of office requires proper analysis and orientation of the business house, here are some Vastu Tips for Office:

  • East facing office is considered good bountiful.
  • Avoid irregular shape of the plot while square or rectangle is best for office structure.
  • If any, water resource or element must be placed or installed in the northeast of the office.
  • The main head or owner of the business organization must face North while working or dealing with clientele.
  • Northern or eastern sides are suitable for executives and other staff.
  • Managerial level and other high-level people in the office must be made to sit in Southern or Western portions to face North or East while sitting in an office.
  • The Northeast portion of the office should be left empty with water resources installed.
  • Toilets should be built in West or North-western side while avoiding toilet in South-east, North-east East.
  • It would help if you constructed the pantry in the South-east.
  • The staircase is best made in South, South-west or West. Avoid stairs in the center or Brahmsthan of office.
  • Reception must be designed in the northeast.
  • Do not make employees sit under the beam.
  • You can make a waiting room in North-west or northeast.
  • Colors in the office should be pleasing and bright, which do not spread sadness or gloom.
  • Attractive pictures should be hung on walls while avoid war or evil depicting views.


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