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Blue Sapphire – Neelam

Blue Sapphire – Neelam

  • Purpose: Gemstone to Gain Blessings from Planet Saturn
  • Good-Excellent Colour / Nearly Loupe Clean / Excellent Luster
  • Treatment: Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Certification Free Lab Certificate
  • Delivery in India: 2-3 working days
  • Delivery Out of India: : 7-10 working days
  • 100% Safe and Secure

Blue Sapphire is the most challenging and most productive gemstone. Gemstone astrology associates with Saturn. Blue Sapphire brings wisdom, peace, and heavenly blessings to one’s life. It is closely connected to Saturn. It works quickly and more naturally than other stones. It can help you get rid of your lonely, unhappy, and imperfect lives. It helps to reduce the obstacles and unfortunate events in a person’s life. It is in a good place in most birth charts. It is a peaceful and long-lived planet. Blue Sapphire is royal in appearance, making it more appealing. It also helps with outer life surface, peace, and positive attitude, mental well-being, wisdom, and nobility.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire

  • Blue Sapphire is a good choice for Ajna Chakra. It also helps to stimulate the pituitary gland. The Ajna Chakra is responsible for imagination and creativity.
  • Neelam is most useful in getting creative insight and bigger imagination.
  • It is a great stone for children to give them amazing imagination and creativity at its peak in the growing days.
  • For the profession like dance, drama or any performing art, Blue Sapphire is the best option.
  • Blue Sapphire is a great source of wealth, gain power and solutions to your problems. S.9
  • Neelam is the master in giving life longevity and peace in the future.
  • It disciplines mental health and courage in a person’s life.
  • Blue Sapphire in the horoscope gives a strong and profound personality.
  • It takes away melancholy, laziness, and obstacles from the personal life who wears it.
  • Neelam gives positivity, different view, and ideas for professional and personal growth also.
  • It is beneficial for physical health as it can help with problems such as teeth, bones, knees and hairs. S.22
  • Blue Sapphire is a protective gemstone, so it helps in protection from enemies and evil coming into one’s life.


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